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Sunday Salon: July 7, 2024 (Ireland, part 2)


The Sunday Salon is hosted by Deb at ReaderBuzz.

Ireland edition
For Ireland, Day 1-3 check out this post. Thursday my daughter and I had plans to have high tea at a Victorian Tea House, but she got persuaded to go for a hike with the other young folks instead. I was more than happy to hang out at the hotel and read. In the evening we had our second fancy dinner and played a few rounds of Rummikub.

Friday was a relaxing morning and at 1:00 we boarded a private bus to travel up to Dublin (a 4-hour trip). It was wonderful to see the countryside along the way and we stopped at the Rock of Cashel in County Tipperary, the mid-point on the drive. It's a cathedral and castle though mostly in ruins. Dinner was at a delicious Syrian/Lebanese restaurant. 

Saturday was the only full day my daughter and I had in Dublin since we flew back Sunday (I have work on Monday). After breakfast a trio of us headed to Trinity College where we hoped to visit the library and see the Book of Kells, but alas, one needs a reservation (and a heft ticket fee) so we wandered around the campus instead (see photos below). Quite a beautiful place. Next was time in the National Gallery Museum where they had a Women of Impressionism exhibit, which we all loved. As it was still earlyish, we headed to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. Now, my daughter and I love a good modern art museum and the building where this one was housed was totally cool. The art inside? Um, a bit too strange for us. There were maybe 4 pieces I liked and the rest just didn't work for me. Oh well. We had a late lunch, hit the Doc Marten store, and relaxed in our room until the whole group got together for dinner.

Sunday morning, really early, we head out to the Dublin airport for our looooooong trip home (flight to London, flight to Los Angeles, bus to Santa Barbara). 

Here is is the current state of my 2024 challenges

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