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Sunday Salon: March 24, 2024


The Sunday Salon is hosted by Deb at ReaderBuzz.

I thought I was going crazy. When I have a phone conversation with my iPhone up to my ear everyone is so quiet I can't hear them, but through my car or on speaker, it's totally fine. I just discovered that it's a thing for people who have upgraded to iOS17. I am not alone! Apple really needs to fix this.

When I moved into my house 2 years ago I was so pleased that it already had solar. I have an electric car so it seemed perfect. I just had to add up my electricity bills for my 2023 taxes and my total electricity bill for 2023 was $46. For a year. For my house and running my car. Wahooooo!

So I have a client at work that has been totally inappropriate with me for many weeks. He is so irritating. Last week he went beyond and actually thought it was appropriate to show a soft porn video to me during a virtual training session that I was running. All done. I met with my higher ups about it and they were really supportive. All my communication and meetings with this client will now have one of my (male) colleagues included. When we decided that I felt so relieved which made me realize how heavily this has been weighing on me. I do hate that my male colleagues are necessary to make this better.

I watched the movie Tyson's Run last night. I am a sucker for an underdog sports movie and this one was ok. I mainly watched it because Sean Murray, a high school classmate, composed the music. Go Sean!

Here is is the current state of my 2024 challenges

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