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Review: Who is Maud Dixon? by Alexandra Andrews

Title: Who is Maud Dixon?

Author: Alexandra Andrews
Year published: 2022
Category: Adult fiction (mystery)
Pages: 336 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Location: (my 2023 Google Reading map)Morocco, USA (NY)

SummaryFlorence Darrow has always felt she was destined for greatness, but after a disastrous affair with her married boss, she starts to doubt herself. All that changes when she sets off for Morocco with her new boss, the celebrated but reclusive author Maud Dixon. Amidst the colorful streets of Marrakesh and the wind-swept beaches of the coast, Florence begins to feel she’s leading the sort of interesting, cosmopolitan life she deserves.

But when she wakes up in the hospital after a terrible car accident, with no memory of the previous night—and no sign of Maud—a dangerous idea begins to take form. . . 

Review: This book is for one of my book groups and we were looking forward to a fun book after reading a few heavy ones in a row. And we got it. Sort of.

Florence is not likable. At all. In fact, none of the characters in this book are likable and that always makes for a tough read. Even given that, I still read this book quickly. One of my book group members agreed about the characters and made her prediction for what was going to happen (something I did not see coming). She was correct, mostly. There are some really good twists and turns as the book tumbles toward its end.

I do like a book that has authors, publishing, and novel writing at its core so that was an added bonus about this book. The writing of novels takes center stage and really propels the plot line. Is this a great book? No, but it's a quick fun read and I liked the second half better than the first.

Challenges for which this counts: 
  • Bookish--all about authors, publishing, etc

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