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Sunday Salon: April 30, 2023


Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

I was in Las Vegas Tuesday through Thursday and saw a couple friends. I worked during the day and played at night. We had good meals out and avoided gambling so I'd say it was a successful trip. I am really not a Vegas person, but I do love the people watching.

I flew home Thursday morning (delayed 2.5 hours due to fog in Santa Barbara!), missed a couple work meetings, but did run a board meeting in the evening. Friday I bought some books at my local indie bookstore (got to support them on National Independent Bookstore day) and at night friends and I attended a trivia night at the local library. I thought, "we're smart women who all read a ton, we'll do so well." Um... turns out we're smart, well read women who cannot remember the names of books or authors. 🤣 We were in first place after the first round, but slipped to 5 of 8 by the end. I am proud of one answer that I totally pulled out of nowhere: "What 1992 Olympian also writes children's books?" After lots of discussion with the team throwing out wild guesses, I said "Kristy Yamaguchi." Victory! Did you know that answer?

Saturday I went on a walk with a long-time friend along the beach, talked to my best friend, and read. At night I watched the movie "Yesterday," which I really enjoyed. Not a 'great film,' but I loved the music. Later today I am zooming with my high school friends and then attending an private event for the local symphony. All very fun.
The image above is what I hoped to read this month. I read them all plus a bunch of other books.

This second image is what I hope to read in May. Have you read any of these? What did you think?

Here is is the current state of my 2023 challenges. At this point, I am counting individual books for multiple categories in each challenge, but I'll replace them with other books throughout the year.

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