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Review: Just Murdered by Katherine Kovacic

Title: Just Murdered

Author: Katherine Kovacic
Year published: 2023
Category: Adult fiction (mystery)
Pages: 288 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5

Location: (my 2023 Google Reading map)Australia

SummaryIt's 1960 and Peregrine Fisher, Phyrne's long-lost niece, is about to get the news of her life.

Phryne's gone missing in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Only her pearl handled gun and a note arrive back home. She's left instruction that say, that should not turn up in six months' time, a letter must be sent to next of kin.

Peregrine, summons in hand, arrives in Melbourne to Greenwood mansion where she will inherit her aunt's wealth. Phryne's seat in the Adventuresses' Club, on the other hand, must be earned. When two dead bodies turn up at the Astor bridal show, Peregrine gets her chance.

In pure Fisher fashion, she'll defy social expectation with outlandish style, discover a penchant for investigating, all while running circles around the police.

Review: I was ready for some light reading and the cover of this one made me think that, even though it's a mystery, it would be a fun read (and I was right). I can totally see how this is a TV series and I think I might give it a try as it is a story that made me smile.

Peregrine seems like a real mess: she can't keep a job, she totally disorganized, doesn't seem to take things seriously, and then she gets her inheritance and finds she is good at solving mysteries. What's not to like? I enjoyed the group of women, the Adventuresses, who are all smart and interesting in their own fields. I bet they play a role in each episode of the show.

I like that Peregrine speaks her mind, doesn't worry too much about what other say about or think of her, she's a good shot, and makes friends quickly and easily. Have you watched the series?

Challenges for which this counts: 
  • Alphabet (Title)--J
  • Literary Escapes--Australia
  • Popsugar--based on a movie. Well, a TV series, but close enough.

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