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Sunday Salon: March 12, 2023

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

Last Sunday I had a zoom with my Scottish family, hung out with my long-time friends, and had dinner with my parents. Monday I had a couple meetings with my new work colleagues and I presented the High 5 positivity portal (for my other job) at the school where I used to work. It was great to see everyone and the presentation went well.

Tuesday was a board meeting for the UC Santa Barbara History Associates and we chose the graduate student recipient for our annual lecture that takes place in May. I think she'll be very good and that her talk with have wide appeal. Wednesday the Alumni Board chose our scholarship recipients, which is always fun, though I feel awful that we cannot give all the applicants money for school.

Thursday I flew down to Mexico to visit former colleagues. I have been planning this vacation for so long, I can't believe I am finally in the middle of it. There were protests that shut down the highway from Cuernavaca, where Alexia lives, so she couldn't pick me up at the airport. Luckily her dad was in the city so he picked me up and drove me! Very sweet.

Cuernavaca is called the City of Eternal Spring and I can see why. The weather is beautiful.

  • Thursday Alexia, Corey and I hung out and got caught up, sitting on their balcony looking out over Cuernavaca and the swimming pools in their complex.

  • Friday Alexia took time off work so we went out to a late breakfast, visited the cathedral and a second church (though I am not religious, I love visiting churches), the museum/home of Emperor Maximillian's mistress, and an art museum, which was amazing.

  • Saturday was Alexia's son's 12th birthday so we hung out getting things ready for his party in the morning (the theme was Mario, as you can see in the piñata in the image above) and had a pool party in the afternoon and well into the evening. It was great to meet their friends and see the kids running around for hours having fun.

I have decided that listening to my book club books and reading my other books works well for me, it's a good balance. I am so pleased that I have learned to like audiobooks.

Here is is the current state of my 2023 challenges. At this point, I am counting individual books for multiple categories in each challenge, but I'll replace them with other books throughout the year.

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