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Nonfiction November 2022: Week 3

Throughout the month of November, bloggers Jaymi (The OC Book Girl), Rennie (What’s Nonfiction), Christopher (Plucked from the Stacks), Rebekah (She Seeks Nonfiction) and Katie (Doing Dewey) invite you to celebrate Nonfiction November with them.

Week 3: (November 14-18) – Stranger Than Fiction: This week we’re focusing on all the great nonfiction books that *almost* don’t seem real. A sports biography involving overcoming massive obstacles, a profile on a bizarre scam, a look into the natural wonders in our world—basically, if it makes your jaw drop, you can highlight it for this week’s topic. (Christopher)

I am only going to think of nonfiction that I've read in 2022 or else I would go down a rabbit hole of no return on this topic.

In the category of "Human beings are amazing" I'll put Beyond Possible: One Man, 14 Peaks, and the Mountaineering Achievement of a Lifetime by Nimsdai Purja. He climbed the 14 highest peaks and details his climbs and experiences. Pretty darn incredible and since I can't imagine doing any of the things he did, I'd say it "almost" doesn't seem real (but it is).

In the category of "Human beings are amazing: the historical version" I have two books. Why would we expose young women to radium even after learning about the horrible affect it was having on their health?! and building a wall? People's attempts to escape have always amazed me. In this category I've got  The Radium Girls: Young Readers' Edition: The Scary but True Story of the Poison that Made People Glow in the Dark by Kate Moore and Tunnel 29: The True Story of an Extraordinary Escape Beneath the Berlin Wall by Helena Merriman.

My final category is "Human beings are amazingly horrible to one another" and I've got three books: The Rise of the Black Quarterback by Jason Reid (racism in the NFL); Tell Me Everything by Erika Krouse (sexual assault by football players at a major university, the investigation and consequences--don't get your hopes up); Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases by Paul Holes with Robin Gaby Fisher (serial killers).

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