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Sunday Salon: October 9, 2022

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

After an exciting weekend with my Alumni Association events, I was greeted Sunday night with the sad news that one of our alumni board members passed away. He was only diagnosed 3 weeks ago and was such a lovely man; he will be missed for his kindness, thoughtfulness, and smile. This is Jack with one of the benches he built for our Alumni Garden on the high school campus.

Tomorrow I am giving a workshop at a semi-local K-8 school. It's my first workshop in a year and I am a bit nervous, but I also really enjoyed creating my plan. Almost a year after leaving education I realize I am happy with my decision to make a career change and when I drive past a school, I am glad that I am not in it. However, I miss the people I worked with and the opportunity to be creative in my job. So, doing this workshop is doing 2 things (at least)for me: I get to be intellectually creative again and I will see 3 former colleagues.

I've been thinking a bit about blogging lately. I really enjoy the experience from writing my own posts/thoughts, reading other people's posts, getting book recommendations, making new online "friends" (and meeting some of you in person), and the back and forth conversations. A friend of mine has recently started a new (not a book) blog and I realize that I feel compelled to respond to every post. I actually feel that way about all the blogs I read. I think it's part of being an extrovert: the need to comment, to have that conversation, to keep the thoughts coming and say/write them out loud (people who hang out with me or text with me know I always have something more to say). I am equal parts compelled to comment and I want to hear/read what others are saying. What are you thoughts about this?

Here is is the current state of my 2022 challenges. The image is a link to my challenges page.

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