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Review: One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner

Title: One Step Too Far
Author: Lisa Gardner
Year published: 2022
Category: Adult fiction (thriller)
Pages: 416 pages
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Location: (my 2022 Google Reading map)USA (WY)

SummaryTimothy O’Day knew the woods. Yet when he disappeared on the first night of a bachelor party camping trip with his best friends in the world, he didn’t leave a trace. What he did leave behind were two heartbroken parents, a crew of guilt-ridden groomsmen, and a pile of clues that don’t add up.
Frankie Elkin doesn’t know the woods, but she knows how to find people. So when she reads that Timothy’s father is organizing one last search, she heads to Wyoming. Despite the rescue team’s reluctance, she joins them. But as they hike into the mountains, it becomes clear that there’s something dangerous at work in the woods . . . or someone who is willing to do anything to stop them from going any farther.
Running out of time and up against the worst man and nature have to offer, Frankie and the search party will discover what evil awaits those who go one step too far . . .

Review: I was in the mood for a good, fast-paced thriller and that's exactly what I got from this novel. That cover though? It doesn't work for me. The characters in the woods are tough and prepared, not like the woman in the image above who looks like the standard woman in a horror flick who has no idea what she is doing.

The ensemble cast of characters, narrated by Frankie, is so good. They all have secrets, a love for one another, and anger. Lot of anger and resentment, which can get in the way. However, they are also united in their quest to find Tim's remains and that means that they will look out for one another and that they want to get off the mountain in one piece. Easier said than done.

The story is also good. I was rooting for the characters through the whole thing, I gripped the pages wanting to know what was going to happen next, and the twists and turns and revelations were just right. I did figure out the "bad guy," but then thought I was wrong and when I found I was correct, it wasn't for the reasons I thought so I am totally okay with kind of figuring it out slightly ahead of time.

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