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Random Thoughts #1: September 2022

Anne at My Head is Full of Books is starting a new activity/meme/topic: Random Thoughts and I am going to participate! The idea is just to share random thoughts every quarter (month?) or so.
I recently updated my Apple phone to iOS 16. I am one of those people who does updates as soon as they are available. Why? Because they often have security measures in them. This one has some fun and interesting new updates:
  • You can now change elements on the lock screen on the phone: font and color of the time in particular. For some reason, this makes me happy
  • iMessages has two super interesting updates:
    • You can now edit iMessages after you have sent them. The reciever sees "message edited"
    • You can now delete iMessages after you have sent them. The receiver sees "message deleted"
    • This is a game changer. Haven't we all sent texts to the wrong person or wanted to change what we've said?
I work with people all over the world and sometimes coordinating our work and our time zones is a real challenge. For example, we're trying to coordinate the engineer in Romania and another one in Mexico logging into the client's account (client in east coast US) and using my phone number (west cost US) for the two-factor authentication. Is there a convenient time when we're all awake and working? We shall see....

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