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Sunday Salon: July 24, 2022

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

  • No books finished this week 😢

Condos, condos everywhere. I have seen so many condos in the last few weeks! Some are stunning and some... not so much. I realize that I really like new construction so the place is move in ready, has solar, attached garage, etc. Some of the old places have charm, but need too much work. 

My daughter and I spent a couple days in Hollywood this past week seeing the Immersive Van Gogh and Immersive Frida Kahlo exhibits. If they are anywhere near you, I highly recommend them. We also drove over to Claremont where she went to boarding school; it was fun to visit her old haunts and we had one of the best falafel dinners I've ever had.

My birthday was this past Wednesday and it was low key, but fun. I had a relaxing day at work, saw a couple condos, and had a family dinner at a local Lebanese restaurant that has great ambiance. Dessert was the above shared Cheesecake Factory white chocolate/raspberry cheesecake. We all shared one piece, which was plenty!

The day after my birthday I celebrated with a bunch of friends at the local "Concert in the Park." Picture hundreds of people on blankets with picnics, a band that plays '60s, '70s, and '80s music (in glittery red jackets no less). There was dancing and hanging out. 

I have read a total of about 40 pages this week. There is just so much going on right now that reading is taking a back seat. At one of the condos that I really like, I discovered a "little library" which made me like it even more!

Here is is the current state of my 2022 challenges. The image is a link to my challenges page.

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