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Sunday Salon: May 22, 2022

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


It's the graduation edition of the Sunday Salon! I've been in New York since Wednesday and here's how it's going so far. I work during the day but have my evenings free.
  • Wednesday--I had super early morning flights to New York, took a taxi straight to Mamoud's to pick up falafel for dinner then checked into the Carvi Hotel, which happens to be owned by a college friend of mine. He and his family are also in town staying at the hotel so I got to see them briefly in the evening. I also attended my final zoom session for the California Global Education Project. We had a panel of students with disabilities speaking to teachers; the students were really wonderful!
    • Fun side note, in my row of three flying from Denver to NY, I am a book blogger, the guy next to me is an author (E.J. Egerton's Amazon page), and the third person, Susie Stangland is a literary consultant (her website). We had a grand old time talking books! And Susie has a bunch of her clients on TLC Tours (for whom I do reviews). Small world and a fun flight.
  • Thursday--I was supposed to go for a morning walk with the woman with whom I was best friends when I lived in London (MANY) years ago. She is the one person left in my life with whom I still write letters. Yes, real letters. She called Thursday morning to say she had tested positive for Covid so she is in isolation. Bummer! I'll be back here in August so hope to see her then. I managed two good size walks around the city, which felt good after 2 weeks of no exercise of any sort.
  • Friday--My ex husband, his brother and his brother's wife arrived in the city so we went out to dinner together at another Middle Eastern restaurant, which was fun. I am so glad we're all still friendly.
  • Saturday--I got my rental car early in the morning and drove up to Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY in time to pick up my parents at their hotel and attend the senior awards ceremony.
    • Proud mama moment: My daughter received the award for best thesis/top student in both of her departments (International Studies and Africana Studies), she got honors in both departments, and she got general honors!
  • In the afternoon I attended an Open House put on my by daughter and her housemates. It was fun to meet the other families of the people she has spent four years with. It was a steamy NY day, but I managed not to wilt. I really am a wimpy southern Californian when it comes to weather!

  • Sunday--Graduation day! The speaker was the actor Jon Leguizamo and he was pretty good. Basically he did a stand up routine that touched on his growing up, equity, and more, then he gave advice to the graduates. It was steaming hot, but a lovely setting and ceremony. My parents and I had lunch with my daughter then my daughter and I have spent the afternoon packing up her place and getting stuff into storage for the summer.

I took some time before coming to NY to think about my summer reading. I haven't finalized it yet, but I do have June, July, and August book piles on my coffee table and I will give myself time time looking at them before I decide for sure.

Here is is the current state of my 2022 challenges. The image is a link to my challenges page.

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