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Sunday Salon: January 9, 2022

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


I have also read the following elementary, middle grade, and YA graphic novels for round 2 of the CYBILS. Reviews won't post until mid-February when the winners are announced:

I went for a couple beautiful walks with friends. January in Santa Barbara really is a fabulous time with clear blue skies and temps in the high 50s/low 60s. On one coastal walk I even found a swing!

The first week of January is over and I'm not in the schools. It's an odd feeling, but the new job has been busy and that has helped the transition (as has the fact that my colleagues subbed all week due to Omicron)! 

And my daughter returned from Zanzibar yesterday; it is so great to have her home for the next week.

I am joining the ranks of the Free Little Library owners and am so excited! I've ordered the library and will post a photo as soon as it's installed.

My daughter returned from her Zanzibar trip yesterday and it sounds like it was both personally and academically a success. It's good to have her home for a bit before she goes off to her final college semester.

Sheila's First Book post is now live and it's so much fun to see what people chose.

Here is my final showing of my 2022 challenges. The image is a link to my challenges page.

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