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Sunday Salon: December 5, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

Last Sunday I attended a wonderful get together with people I have known for 50 years. We are  connected through our mothers who have been in a women's group that has met every other week since 1974. It was wonderful to see everyone (even though all of my generation wasn't able to attend), catch up on our lives and those of our children, and reminisce. The photo above is of my generation. The group is just made up of such wonderful human beings.

I have just finished two seasons of Sex Education on Netflix. It is so good! It's funny, poignant, real, British (so the seasons are short), and I just loved it. It's like someone took all the inside voices of teenagers and said them out loud. It is unapologetically honest about gender, sexuality, and all aspects of sex, but also friendship, family, societal expectations, and more. I like that the viewer gets to know at least 25 characters and care about them, but I especially love the friendship between the two main male characters. Have any of you watched it?

Tonight I start calling in for jury duty. There is a HUGE murder trial happening in town for 5 MS-13 gang members and they have been trying to sit a jury for over a month already. It's a 9-month trial so I am sure it's difficult to find people who can serve for that long.

We have such a wonderful online community of book bloggers, I just love it. Meeting each other in person feels extra special. When I went to my local public library a couple weeks ago to talk about reserving a room for an event I am putting on, the librarian took me into the event room where another staff member was about to zoom. He introduced us and I realized that it was Molly at Librarian Style. I knew she was a local librarian, but due to COVID hadn't had a chance to go to the main branch to meet her. So fun to run into her and see her in person.

Here's my challenge update. The image is a link to my challenge page.

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