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Sunday Salon: December 19, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


Last Sunday I traveled down to Los Angeles (about 2 hours away) and went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art with my friend Alex (of course, we had to pose by the iconic lamp posts). It was fantastic with 3 main exhibits: Interwar Years art (Picasso, Dix, Klee, etc); 1950s and '60s art (Lichtenstein and many others that were fantastic); and Black Americans in Portraits (including the famous Obama portraits).

After the museum, I attend a "ladies holiday party," which is 10 women friends who get together each year for dinner and a white elephant-style gift exchange except the gifts are excellent even though there is a $25 limit.

This was my last week of work at the school district, which absolutely does not seem real because we all went on holiday as of Friday. I am sure it will hit in January when I don't return. I was on call for subbing and ended up teaching an Emerging Multilingual Learner class and a 5th grade class. No more subbing! I did have a number of lunches and happy hours with friends to say good bye, and that was really nice.

And the best news is that family is here! I drove down to Los Angeles (again!) to pick up my daughter on Wednesday evening. It is so wonderful to have her home. And, my brother, his wife, and one of their daughter's arrived the same night. Later today the rest of their family arrives and the Christmas celebrations will begin.

Here's my challenge update. The image is a link to my challenge page.

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