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Sunday Salon: August 29, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


My daughter went back to college for her senior year on Friday. It was so wonderful to have her home all summer, but it is time for her to go and be with her friends and do what she does. I am really excited for her senior year and all the exciting things to come.

Yesterday I watched the local triathlon, taking careful notes on each leg and particularly the transitions. I've never seen a triathlon in person before and it made me less nervous and more excited to do it next year. There was such a supportive atmosphere!

I don't usually post here about politics and world events, but the disaster that is the withdrawal from Afghanistan (I don't think we should be there, but the withdrawal has not been done well) and the attack a couple days ago are just so devastating. And in California, we have this ridiculous recall election of our Governor that is costing the state well over $200 million. The man has a year left, just let the regular election process do its thing. Instead, we've got 46 candidates on the ballot and the one who gets the most votes (even if it is far from a majority), wins. What?! It's insane. You should see the list of candidates, many of them are just whack jobs.

It's the end of the month, which means it's time for wrap-up thoughts. This image shows the books I planned to read in August. I read them all, which is pretty good given that I've gone back to work and it's been insanely busy. As we near September 1 (how that can that be on Tuesday?!), I'll also report that I read 14 of the 15 books on my 20 (15) Books of Summer list. But, I read a ton of books not on the list as well, so that feels good.

This photo is the books I hope to read in September. With my daughter back at school, I'll have more reading time in the evenings so I think this is a pretty good number of books to take on. As we get nearer the end of the year, I start to think about my reading challenges as well and most of these satisfy a challenge though there are many states and letters of the alphabet that I am struggling to complete.

Here's my challenge update. The image is a link to my challenge page.

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