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Sunday Salon: July 25, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 

I had a birthday this past week and it was so much better than last year's when we were all isolated! On Sunday night we went out to dinner with my daughter, parents, brother and his family, and my sister-in-law's brother and his wife (photo above). Such a wonderful group of people. My actual birthday was Tuesday and I had a lovely day of lunch with my daughter and brother (photo above), a walk with a dear friend, dinner with my parents and daughter, and a yummy dessert of my mother's cheesecake, which is the best and my favorite.

I've also continued the "I get to spend time with friends I haven't seen since before the pandemic" experiences, which is wonderful each time.

I actually worked on Thursday, putting on a workshop for 50 teachers, which went well.

The Olympics have started! I actually watched a little rowing before the opening ceremony even happened and I must say I was reminded how much I love that all (most) countries are represented and that athletes without major resources (think Benin, Nicaragua, etc) are there, doing their best, representing country and family. I am also reminded of the privilege and wealth of the US and European countries. Sigh.

I hope the Olympics are a fantastic experience for the athletes because they are the ones that really matter in all this. I am frustrated with the politics and some truly crappy decisions by the IOC, but am trying to look past that and hope for only the best for those who are competing.

My daughter did really well in the book-buying department for my birthday. Have you read any of these? What did you think?

This graphic is a link to my Challenges page: oops, I forgot to include the image and my computer is getting fixed this week. I'll include it next week!

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