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Sunday Salon: June 20, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz hosts The Sunday Salon. 


My first week of vacation and I was only called into 2 long meetings so that's not too bad. 🤣

The fun news is that one of my nieces (she is almost 18 years old) has come to visit from the UK for a few days as part of a longer vacation. It is so great to see her, to have contact in person with family, and spend time with just her, which we've never done before. She's growing up into an interesting young woman. So far we've gotten her a COVID vaccination (she isn't eligible in the UK yet) and a COVID test (needed for her trip), and gone for walks. 

Today we're headed to the local Botanic Garden, we're getting dinner at an Ethiopian pop up dinner that is a fund raiser for people in the Tigray region, and tomorrow she's headed to the beach while my daughter works and do interviews for work.

This week marks me finishing 6 books on my "15 Books of Summer" list and all the books I planned to read in June. Gotta' love summer!

I took the plunge and have transitioned my email followers to Follow.it for those of you who get these posts via email.

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