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Sunday Salon: April 25, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz runs The Sunday Salon. 


My daughter got me into another Korean drama, which I managed to finish on Friday and really enjoyed. It's called Romance is a Bonus Book and the characters all work in the book world (authors, publishers, and cover designers) so it's fun to see their work world, which figures prominently. Also, they talk about books a lot and how much they mean to them. And as a bonus, they all wear fantastic coats! 
On Saturday I made sure to buy books (such a sacrifice) since it was Independent Bookshop Day. I absolutely LOVE our local bookshop: Chaucer's Books. It's the type of store where everyone who works there reads, loves books, and has knowledge of a particular area of the shop. There are books on the floor and piled high on the shelves. It's just wonderful.

I (unofficially) participated in the Dewey 24-Hour readathon on Saturday. Every time I sign up to participate and think I have committed to the idea, life gets in the way so I decided if I snuck up on the readathon, maybe I'd actually get more reading done. I really wanted to finish Band of Sisters before posting this Sunday Salon and I did. I also read Run Away Train by Lee Matthew Goldberg, which I am reading for a book tour so the review won't get posted until Thursday.

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