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Sunday Salon: April 11, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz runs The Sunday Salon. 


Mom brag: my daughter got offered two fantastic internships for this summer and accepted the first one she was offered, which is working with the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs. I am so excited for her! But, she is not allowed to leave the country during the internship so that means my trip to the UK (if it is allowed to take place) will be shorter with a focus on visiting family.
I haven't watched any shows lately except on my treadmill (I am watching New Girl, which I love). But, this past week I've begun watching Atlantic Crossing (PBS), which is about Norway during WWII the relationship between FDR and Norway's royal family. It's a story that I hadn't heard before and I am really enjoying watching a good historical drama. I particularly find it fascinating that the King spoke in Danish, his son, the Crown Prince, in Norwegian, and the son's wife, the Crown Princess, in Swedish so the show is mostly in those three languages.

We're still doing monthly zooms with my dad's side of the family, which is really nice. And I just got off a cousin-only zoom with my mom's side, which was nice as well. It's been far too long since the six of us have chatted.

I got nothing special to put in this part of today's post. 

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