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Sunday Salon: March 21, 2021

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz runs The Sunday Salon. 


I have started watching The Indian Doctor (Amazon Prime for season 1 and Acorn for seasons 2 and 3) while on the treadmill and am quite enjoying it. It's 1963 and the doctor arrives in a southern Welsh mining village, much like the one my mother grew up in. As you can imagine, life in a small village lends itself to lots of good storylines. Yesterday morning's episode saw Smallpox enter the village (think masks and 6 foot social distancing), an episode that packed quite a punch given our current pandemic.

We negotiated our compensation package this past week and I feel good about what we got (8% raise over three years and some other financial goodies). What a relief.
I am now officially on spring break for the coming week, but am attending my favorite tech conference. The group is called CUE (Computer Using Educators). Now, when this group began, that name totally made sense as we were ahead of the game. But now? We all use computers! I get that it is difficult to change a name when we all know it. Usually the conference is held in Palm Springs for a few days, which is really fun, but this year it's virtual and happening every day of my break! It feels like a lot, but the sessions are really good.

I finally finished the magic puzzle! The image on the top is the initial finished puzzle and the one on the bottom is the puzzle after I moved the pieces according to the instructions. Notice the hole... there were more pieces that you have to put together (no picture for guidance) to create a different version of the original puzzle. I am not posting the finished puzzle in case someone wants to do it themselves. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

I subscribed to Jim Mustich's email newsletter yesterday based on a recommendation from Deb at Readerbuzz. He is the author of 1,000 Books to Read Before you Die, which I haven't read, but Deb says his newsletter is good so I am in.

This graphic is a link to my Challenges page.

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