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Books to read in February 2021

I realize that my comfort move during this pandemic is to buy books. Lots of books. It's a bit out of control if I'm being really honest. I tell myself I am keeping our local indie bookshop in business and helping the economy!

But, each time I am ready to begin a book I think, "Oh, I heard about this new book that sounds really good, I'll read that" rather than choosing something from my ever-growing TBR shelves. Then on Twitter the other day, I saw a post from the author J.T. Ellison who said a friend suggested she create a list of books to read at the beginning of a month and stick to it. So... I am going to try this for February and see how I do. 

Normally, this would not suit my reading style as I really do mood read. But, for February, I've chosen a variety of books to suit various moods hoping that will work. And, I didn't just make a list. I've pulled the books off my TBR shelf and put them on my coffee table so that they are in my face all month.

Here's what I've chosen. I can usually read more than 6 books a month so I am leaving room for more choices than these (is that cheating?).

  • The Shadow Box by Luanne Rice (part of a TLC Book Tour)
  • Brother's Keeper by Julie Lee (YA)
  • We Want to Do More than Survive by Bettina Love (Adult, Social Justice, nonfiction)
  • The Dating Plan by Sara Desai (Adult romance and a BOTM choice, these are piling up)
  • The Wife Upstairs (Adult thriller, another BOTM choice)
  • The Eagles of Heart Mountain by Bradford Pearson (Adult nonfiction)

How do you work through your TBR shelf?

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