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First Book of the Year 2021

Sheila at Book Journey is hosting First Book of the Year again. I think I did this once before, a number of years ago, but I found a good book to have as my first for 2021 so thought I'd participate. The idea is to share the first book we will read in 2021 with the hopes that we pick one that sets a positive tone for the eyar.

Your First Book should be:

A. A coveted book that you have wanted to read but have just not found the time.

B. A delicious favorite… one you have read before, but crave to read again.

C. Really whatever you want it to – it is after all YOUR First Book of the year.

Sheila's blog has a great collage of all the people who are participating in First Book. Here is the photo of me with the book I chose to read. I figured a book called The Book Collectors is a great way to begin a new year of reading.

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