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Syria in books and film

As you know, if you have visited this blog at all, I usually post about books and on Sundays a bit about my life. But this post is different. I just watched a documentary about Syria, specifically Aleppo, and I am moved to post about it. My daughter watched this documentary, For Sama, for one of her classes and urged me to watch it. Though it is brutal and raw, it is so well done.

Americans are aware of the civil war in Syria. Oh my gosh, I hope they are aware of it. Anyway, I feel like I've read quite a few books on the subject and seen a couple really good documentaries so it's worth a post to highlight them and the plight of Syrians. I don't know what I or we can do about what is going on there, except to learn as much as we can and support refugees if they live in our town. We can also pressure our government officials to stop selling weapons to the regime and to ensure we don't bomb more than we already have.

Here is what I have read and watched (so far) about Syria, the Syrian civil war, and Syrian refugees. Do you have other recommendations?

Children, Middle Grade, and Young Adult


TV and documentaries

  • Transplant (currently on NBC, Syrian doctor in America)
  • For Sama (Frontline documentary, 1 hour 20, available on YouTube). Here's the trailer:

  • White Helmets (Netflix, but this link allows you to see it on YouTube, 40 minutes). Here's the trailer:

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