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Sunday Salon: July 19, 2020

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz runs The Sunday Salon. 

Books read over the past week:   

Challenge progress 2020

  • Big Summer Book Challenge--1 book this week. 3 books total
  • Literary Escapes Challenge--This week: 1 states and 2 countries. 22 states and 21 countries total
  • Mount TBR Challenge--2 books read this week, 43 books total
  • Popsugar reading challenge--1 book read this week, 31 books total
  • Social Justice Challenge--1 book read this month, 7 books total
  • YA Award Winners--0 books read this week, 7 books total

My life outside books:

Well, the fun news from this week is that I officiated the wedding of my ex-brother-in-law and his new wife! I am still close to my ex-husband and his brother so when Ahmed had to cancel his big wedding due to the pandemic, I jokingly said, "I'm ordained [by the Universal Life Church, a hippy-dippy online church that ordains people for a donation], if you want to get married anyway, let me know." And they did. They initially said it would be me, them and 3 other people, which I was comfortable with. But, when my daughter and I arrived wearing masks, we were the only ones! And there were 16 people in a small outdoor space! Ugh. The two of us kept our masks on and socially distanced, but the rest of them not so much; they were eating, drinking, and hugging like it was February 2020! Despite all that, the ceremony was lovely and they were both so happy.

I have watched the documentary Athlete A on Netflix this week, which matched well with reading Head Over Heels. We also finished watching Our Planet, subscribed to Disney+ (probably just for a month) and watched The Lion King. I was so excited to watch the 30 Rock One Hour Special and was totally disappointed and irritated. It was basically an add for NBC's new streaming service. Takcy.

Tomorrow is my Birthday so I'll have a couple small groups of friends over to visit outside. I only invited people who know how to behave in a pandemic! :-)

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