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Sunday Salon: April 19, 2020

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz runs The Sunday Salon.

Books read over the past week:   
Challenge progress 2020
  • Literary Escapes Challenge--This week: 0 states and 1 country. 16 states and 11 countries total
  • Mount TBR Challenge--1 books read this week, 26 books total
  • Popsugar reading challenge--3 books read this week, 22 books total
  • Social Justice Challenge--2 book read this month, 5 books total
  • YA Award Winners--0 books read this week, 7 books total
My life outside books:
I finished the 3 seasons of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and have moved on to Janet King, a legal drama out of Australia, which is really good. I am watching it on Acorn TV. We also watched Season 1 (again) of America's Next Top Model. I am a sucker for that show even though it goes against almost everything I stand for!

My mother is using this time to go through drawers (finally!) and look what she found: old US stamps (yes, we need to lick them). So, now I am going to send my friends actual letters with multiple stamps on them since most are 22 to 45 cents each. 

We're walking a couple times a day in addition to my treadmill each morning so the weight loss thing is going well (22 pounds so far). I definitely feel better, so that's good.

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