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Sunday Salon: January 19, 2020

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz has taken over running The Sunday Salon.

My life in books over the past week: 

Challenge progress 2020
  • Literary Escapes Challenge--This week: 3 states (FL, GA, OH) and 2 countries (Cuba and United Kingdom). Total: 9 states and 3 countries
  • Mount TBR Challenge--2 book read this week, 9 books total
  • Popsugar reading challenge--2 books read this week, 9 books total
  • Social Justice Challenge--1 book read this month, 1 book total
  • YA Award Winners--These will be announced at the beginning of February
My life outside books:
I watched some really good stuff this week! As the number of movies that I watched goes up, the number of books that I read goes down.

One Child Nation is a fascinating, depressing, and well worth watching documentary! It's on Netflix.

I watched Harriet on my own (purchased on Amazon) and am glad I finally watched it. She was a remarkable women. Remind me again why Trump's administration isn't putting her on the $20 bill?! My daughter insisted we watch Parasite because she absolutely loved it. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I said yes, but I ended up really liking it; I can see why it has been nominated for both best picture and best foreign film (I bought it on Amazon Prime). And, after putting my daughter on a bus to Los Angeles to catch her flight back to college in NY I watched The Two Popes (Netflix). Also, so good! The actors did a fabulous job and I learned a ton.
Have you see any of these? What did you think?

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