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#AMonthofFaves (This is how we holiday)

I am joining this year’s hosts Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their annual #AMonthofFaves blog event. They have a schedule of topics planned, so bloggers can join in anytime for some or all of the topics.

This is how we holiday

I love Christmas. But, not all things Christmasy as I don't tend to read Christmas books or buy Christmas objects. I love the twinkle lights, the dark nights, the family together for Christmas day, and our traditions:

We are British though we live in the States so, each Christmas, we listen to Dylan Thonmas reading A Child's Christmas in Wales and talk about family in the UK, Christmases we've spent there, etc. We also read A Visit From St. Nicholas (the British version of Twas the Night Before Christmas). And yes, I'm 54 and we still read it aloud.

On Christmas eve we stuff each others' stockings and on Christmas morning, the younger generations bring glasses of orange juice and the stockings up to my parents' bedroom, we all climb on their bed and take turns opening our presents from Santa. What's really important here is that the youngest of us is 19 and we still pretend that Santa brought the gifts. I love this tradition.

The rest of Christmas day is spent opening the presents under the tree, going for a beach walk, and eating Christmas dinner while wearing paper crowns that we've popped out from the Christmas crackers.

This year, Christmas is going to be a bit quiet. My brother and his family will be in the UK as will all our other relatives. My daughter will be in Oman visiting her dad's family and so it will be just me and my parents. We'll still do our traditions, but I will definitely feel the absence of my daughter as it's our first Christmas apart. I think that's why I bought some Christmas things this year for the house.

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