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#AMonthofFaves (favorite things edition)

I am joining this year’s hosts Girlxoxo and Traveling with T for their annual #AMonthofFaves blog event. They have a schedule of topics planned, so bloggers can join in anytime for some or all of the topics.

Favorite Things Edition

I am not someone who tends to think about having favorites so this post was a bit of a challenge for me, but here goes for my favorites of 2019....

Favorite food

This is a tough one. Do I pick Indian or Mexican? I have Mexican food much more often, but I think that's because I live in southern California and it is so readily available. But, I think I am going to go with Indian. In particular, I choose Dhaal, Naan, rice pilau, and vegetable somosas. Yummy! Now i want to go out for Indian food.

Favorite book
Ugh. This is the most difficult one for me. Some years it just presents itself, but this year one particular book did not stand out so easily. I will narrow it down to 2, both of them nonfiction.

Favorite indie bookstore
My all time favorite bookstore in the world is in my town. It's called Chaucer's. They have everything (or will get it if they don't have it), there are books on the floor, on the shelves, on the counter, everywhere), and the workers know their stuff!

Favorite vacation

This is easy for me to pick. I went on my first river cruise this year and was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed myself. In fact, it was so good, we're doing another one next year. This summer we went from Prague to Berlin with Viking. I enjoyed the food, the history, the people, and all the walking tours we did.

Favorite way to get cozy
Another easy one for me. Give me a pair of pajamas, a cozy sweater, my couch and a book and I am good to go for hours.

Favorite purchase
Ah, this year my favorite purchase is my Tesla Model 3. I am pretty obsessed with it. Combined with our solar panels, it's good for the environment, drives like a dream, and updates via the internet. And, it wasn't all that expensive ($29K with rebates). What are you waiting for?!

Favorite part of my job
This year my job has been a bit challenging for me. No, wait, that's not a totally fair statement. January through June it was great and I enjoyed creating curriculum and doing professional development workshops for our social studies teachers. Since August it's been not quite as satisfying, but I am working to get those two favorite elements to play a larger role again.

What about you?
What are some of your favorites from this year?

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