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Thankfully Reading Bingo 2019

I am participating in the Thankfully Reading weekend, which runs from today, November 27, through Sunday, December 1. I am not off to a good start as my day has been filled so far with a doctor's appointment, work for a Board that I am on, and the discovery of a PBS show that someone told me was good. Notice, no mention of books yet.

Oh yes, and there's the distraction of the Cave Fire that broke out in town Monday afternoon, which as the rain began last night, set off County alarms for possible debris flow. My house is a few miles away from it all, so we're safe, but it's definitely distracting!

However, Deb at Readerbuzz has put together a Thankfully Reading Bingo card so I am all about trying to fill in a row (or more) over the next few days.

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