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European Holiday: UK and Prague, Czech Republic

I am back from our holiday and am feeling pretty jet lagged, but I had such a wonderful time. I'll do three posts about the trip.

First stop... the United Kingdom
My parents, daughter and I traveled to Kent, England for my niece's high school graduation, which was very nice. Seeing a graduation ceremony in another country is such an interesting experience. It's always so great to see my brother and his family; I wish we lived closer to one another.

My mom, daughter and I also spent a few days in London and boy do I love that city! I could easily live there. The day before we arrived was Pride Day so all of the traffic lights had been changed to show different relationship options.

My birthday present from my brother was a day at Wimbledon, which I have never been to before so that was super fun. We saw both mixed doubles and women's doubles. If you are ever in the UK in July, this is a fun thing to do and it isn't all that expensive.

Next stop... Prague, Czech Republic
My family scattered to various countries while my mom and I went on a Viking River Cruise on the Elbe River from Prague to Berlin. I had never been on a cruise before, but Viking does an amazing job. They are geared to an older crowd--I was the youngest passenger by at least 10 years--but that means they always make time for bathroom stops and they take care of whatever the passengers need. There were only 62 people on the cruise, which was a great number.

Prague is a great city! I love the old Town Square, the Jewish Quarter, the Charles Bridge, and the John Lennon Wall. I had forgotten the toll that hours of walking on uneven cobblestones can take on one's body. The reading statue above is near the Franz Kafka house and, of course, I couldn't resist taking a photo with statue dedicated to reading.

Installment 2 of 3 coming tomorrow...

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