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Christmas book haul 2018

As any book blogger worth his / her salt knows, the holidays are a time to get more books and have other people pay for them. Sounds callous, I know, but I feel I did very well in the book department this Christmas.

Take special note of the top book in the image: The Fire Priest by Stephen Murdoch. Stephen is my brother! He has published one other book, IQ: How Psychology Hijacked Intelligence, but this is his first fiction book and it is definitely aimed at teenage boys who enjoy fantasy novels. I will read it because my brother wrote it, but it is definitely not in my usual reading genre. :-) I'm also going to give copies to three of our school libraries to see if the librarians can find the perfect student to read and review it as my brother wants some non-family reviews on Amazon.

What books did you receive or buy for yourself this holiday season?

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