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2019 Reading Challenges... I'd love input

It's that time of year when book bloggers and readers begin to think about next year's goals, dreams, and challenges. I do enjoy participating in reading challenges as I find it makes me read some books that I might not normally pick up to read.

I liked this year's challenges (see the list below) and will probably do many of them again. But, I am also up for other ideas. I've also listed challenges that I've done over the years that I enjoyed.

I am tempted to do something with graphic novels and one where I read a book from every 100s section of the Dewey Decimal system. Anyone know of challenges like those ideas?

2018 Challenges

  • Literary Escapes (Reading the US States)
  • Voyage Around the World (Reading countries around the world)
  • Non-fiction
  • YA Award Winners
  • Motif Challenge
  • Big Book Summer Challenge

Past Challenges that I enjoyed

  • Read My Own Books / Various TBR challenges
  • Middle East reading
  • What's in a Name (like the motif challenge)
  • Winter Olympics (read books from countries that are competing)
  • Chris Crutcher
  • Awesome Author
  • Non-fiction
  • Mystery / Suspense
  • People of Color
  • Graphic novels
  • Women writers
  • Social Justice
  • South Asian Author
  • British 

What are some of your favorite challenges?

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