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Sunday Salon: February 25, 201

My life in books:
I am finally back to reading non-CYBILS books.

Currently reading--American Street by Ibi Zoboi

Challenges progress:
  • Non-fiction--My goal is 20 books and I've read 17 already!
  • Literary Voyage around the world--Read books set in as many countries as possible. I have read in 11 countries so far, adding Ireland.
  • Literary Escapes--Track the US states. I have read books set in 11 states so far and in the past weeks added DE.
  • Read all of the ALA YA Award Winners--these were just announced and I had already read 3 of them!
  • Motif Reading Challenge--I just added this one yesterday, but as luck would have it, I had unwittingly done both January (read a book different from my race/country) and February (one word title)!
My life outside books:
Work got a little odd in the past couple weeks with one of our high schools having a social media/threat event so a couple of us were called in to quickly write digital citizenship lessons. I think it went well, especially for a last minute effort. This was just days before the Florida shooting so it got a lot of attention. Then the day after the Florida shooting one of our local students accidentally shot and killed himself at a gun range when his gun jammed. All in all, a tough week!

I am still in Olympics mode. What I love is learning about new-to-me sports (slope style and aerials), learning new jargon (1440s and clack skates), and cheering on underdogs.
The shooting in Florida feels like it has taken up a lot of mental energy over the past couple of weeks (which, obviously, is way easier than actually being part of it). Those students and teachers from Parkland have been so articulate, passionate, angry, and active. I love it! Maybe something will finally get done about the out of control issue of guns in this country. It is beyond me that there are people who feel children and the mentally ill deserve to have guns or that anyone needs an assault rifle. The 2nd Amendment is part of our Constitution and will not disappear. Their guns will not be destroyed or taken away from them. But that does not mean we need to be armed and dangerous. 

Oh, and don't get me started on the idea of arming teachers. That has to be one of THE stupidest ideas ever. Imagine begin a young teacher (especially of color) running around a school with a gun while the SWAT team is looking for someone with a gun!

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