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It felt good to help out...

It is easy to feel helpless when mother nature takes her toll on one's town and wreaks utter destruction on one's neighborhood. Attending our vigil felt good! Seeing friends, colleagues, and neighbors, being able to connect, to hug, and to support one another was a great first step for my mental health.

So, I decided to do something to help out and boy did it feel good. One of my best friends lives just two houses away from the mudslides and the Los Angeles County Search and Rescue were stationed outside her house for a few days. Her husband is a total extrovert and made friends with all the guys so I got to help provide dinner for them. What a great experience!

This group of heroes (and many others) are far away from their families and are working long and difficult shifts. They have the awful job of searching for the remaining missing people. So far, 20 have been found dead, but three are still missing.

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