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Southern California is on fire (but so far, I'm safe)

Thomas. Creek. Rye. Skirball. All fires that are burning out of control in southern California right now. Truly scary stuff.

I live in Santa Barbara and for now, we're safe from the Thomas fire, but the voluntary evacuation area is only 3 miles away. I have so many colleagues that live in Ventura, where the Thomas fire began, and Ojai; I hope their homes are still standing and they are all safe.
The images of fire are both beautiful and frightening as the flames jump the freeway, destroy buildings (over 400 as of this post) and nature in their path. Wild animals are coming into neighborhoods looking for water and refuge.
Dad and I walking the dog. I look a little demented :-)
What's it like to live on the edge of a fire? Smokey. Very smokey. Overhead there are helicopters and bombers. There are also sirens. But no birds. And the air is toxic so we've all got our N-95 masks on when/if we have to go outside. The only reason I go out these days is to walk the dog and they are very short walks--as soon as he poops and pees we get back inside! Oh, I also went outside to cover the vent that goes to the hood above my stove since smokey air was coming inside. Yuck.

My thoughts go out to those who are fighting the fires; their job is a horrible one filled with exhaustion and heat. I am also thinking of the tens of thousands who have been evacuated and/or lost their homes. In our house we have a bag packed and have discussed what we'll take if we're given enough notice.

School has been cancelled for yesterday and today (smart move) so I think I'll watch season 2 of The Crown today on Netflix.

Sunday, December 10 update--we evacuated tonight and are staying at a hotel. We'll take it day by day. School/work has been cancelled for the week so I am on Winter Break!

Stay safe out there!

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