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Have you ever...quiz

I haven't done something like this on my blog in a very long time. Feel free to join in on your own blog and/or in the comments. I saw this today at Bibliophile By the Sea.

Have you ever?
  • Fired a Gun – yes. I visited the Cu Chi tunnels in Vietnam and took the opportunity to fire an AK47 under close supervision
  • Been Married - yes, once (and divorced)
  • Fell in Love - yes
  • Gone on a blind date - yes
  • Skipped school - yes
  • Watched someone give birth - I was going to say yes, then I realized it was me and I didn't really get to watch :-)
  • Watched someone die - no
  • Been to Canada - yes and I am going next week to Vancouver! 
  • Ridden in an ambulance - no
  • Been to Hawaii - yes, a few times (Maui, Oahu, and Kauai)
  • Been to Europe - yes, tons of times. My family all lives there so we go every other year
  • Been to Las Vegas - yes, many times for my daughter's dance competitions. I do not like the smoke and casinos
  • Been to Washington, D.C. - yes, a bunch. My brother used to live there as did a college boyfriend, but it's time to go again
  • Been to Nashville - no
  • Visited Florida - twice, both at Christmas time
  • Visited Mexico - yes, but only Baja as a young kid and San Miguel de Allende as an adult
  • Seen the Grand Canyon in person - yes, but I was only one year old so I don't remember it. I must go again
  • Flown in a helicopter - no
  • Partied so hard you puked - yes, but not since college. Thank goodness!
  • Been on a cruise - no though I would like to do a river cruise or maybe one in Alaska
  • Served on a jury - no, but been called in many times
  • Been in a movie - no, but I was on a British children's TV show
  • Been to New York City - yes, many times
  • Been to Los Angeles - yes, TONS. LA is only 1.5 hours away
  • Played in a band - no. That is definitely not where my talents are
  • Sang karaoke - only once and my voice is not good enough for a repeat performance
  • Made prank phone calls - yes, as a kid
Me and my daughter, Sophia

  • Had children - yes, 1 daughter
Charlie. He's camera shy
  • Had a pet - yes,  cats, rats, hamsters, birds, and dogs as a kid. As an adult? Only one dog
  • Been sledding on a big hill - yes
  • Been water skiing - yes and I fell flat on my face
  • Rode on a motorcycle - yes, but I didn't like it. And I've driven a moped once; I crashed into a hedge
  • Traveled to all 50 states - no, only 27

  • Jumped out of a plane - yes and I fainted just before I landed
  • Been to a drive in movie - yes
  • Rode an elephant - yes
  • Rode a horse - yes. They don't like me
  • Been on TV - yes, see movie answer above
  • Been in the newspaper - yes, a bunch for swimming and once or twice as a teacher
  • Stayed in the hospital - yes, but only for childbirth
  • Donated blood - no. I have tiny veins. And I was within 600 miles of the Chernobyl meltdown when it happened so I am not allowed to donate
  • Gotten a piercing - yes. At one point I had 8 in my ears, but now I just use 2 of them
  • Gotten a tattoo - yes, 2
  • Driven a stick shift - yes, a long time ago, but I am really bad at it
  • Drive over 100 MPH - no
  • Been scuba diving - no
  • Rode in the back of a police car - no
  • Gotten a speeding ticket - yes, three
  • Lived on your own - yes
  • Broken a bone - no
  • Gotten stitches - no
  • Traveled alone - yes, but only for work. I always bring a book along so I am not lonely during the meals

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