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Sunday Salon: October 23, 2016

My life in books: 
In the past week I've read the following books:
  • Spot 12 by Jenny Jaeckel--a non-fiction graphic novel about one woman's experience with child birth. It's intense and interesting
  • What Life by Jay Asher--a sweet romance about a girl whose family runs a Christmas tree farm
  • A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara--wow! This 814 page novel is a study in character and friendship
I am currently reading Girl in the Blue Coat by Monica Hesse and next up is Mother Tongue by Demetria Martinez. Two very different books!

My life outside books:
This week seems to have gone fairly quickly though it didn't feel that way on Tuesday (for no particular reason).
  • Work is humming along. This week I've been mostly working on organizing my first all-social studies teacher professional learning day that takes place on Halloween. I feel pressured to make the day really worthwhile for the teachers!
  • Last night I watched the movie "Now You See Me," which was okay. Not great, but okay.
  • Today I spent time at my favorite pumpkin patch, Lane Farms. I love our annual trip to the patch I've been going to since it opened when I was ten years old. The children of the owners were in the first class I taught and are now my colleagues so that's fun, too. I did something different this year: rather than just buying gourds for my table and a few "standard" pumpkins for the front step, I put them all on the front step. I like how it looks.
  • As I type this I am watching the PBS show Hamilton's America. I have yet to see the live show, but this history of the show is making me really motivated to buy tickets. 
I hope you are having a great weekend!

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