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Beautiful Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Bonnie from Bonnie's Books. I haven't done a "Blogger Award" for so long, it's been years in fact.

The rules are the following:

  • Say who nominated you for the award and link back to their blog (done)
  • Give 7 random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 7 bloggers
1. I am a vegetarian

When I was 19 I looked at a raw steak and was turned off the fat. I haven't eaten red meat since. When I was 30 I realized that I ate chicken and fish not because I enjoyed it, but because it was easier for other people. So I haven't had red mean for 31 years or any other meat for 20 and I don't miss it. Over the past 20 years, I've come to realize that I do care about issues surrounding slaughtering and how animals are raised for consumption even though that isn't what made me a vegetarian in the first place. However, I am not a "rabid" vegetarian. I wear leather shoes, LOVE leather purses and don't care what other people eat.

2. I have a fabulous fifteen-year-old daughter

Sophia is amazing, though I may be biased. She is smart, funny, a great traveler, loves to read, is a dancer, and a perfectionist (which gets her into trouble some times). What I love most about Sophia is that she cares about the world: politics, culture, and the suffering of others.

3. I am a Technology Coach
I taught high school World History and American Government for 14 years until I became a Librarian at the same school for 5 years. A couple years ago I changed again to become a Technology Coach for my school district. We lead workshops and training sessions to help teachers integrate technology into their curriculum. We do tons of other stuff related to tech as well and it's pretty fun!

4. I love to travel

I think I got the travel bug from my parents. With all our family living overseas, we started flying to visit them when I was only 18 months old. At age 12 we spent three months traveling in Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. I think I've passed on the love of travel to my daughter!

5. My favorite toast topping is Marmite

Most people are disgusted by the thought of Marmite or say, "What the heck is that?!" Marmite is a yeast extract and I put it on my toast every morning. YUMMY! I even have a piece of Marmite artwork in my kitchen!

6. I have two tattoos
One is the Welsh dragon (from the flag) on my hip and one is a crab (for my sign, Cancer) on my ankle.

7. I drive a white Prius

This is my third Prius. I had one of the original sedan-style then got a silver one in 2010. Last spring we were in a car accident (not my fault) and my Prius was totaled. So, of course, I bought another one. With my first Prius I was one of the few on the road, but since I live in Southern California there are not tons of them around.

My nominations for the Beautiful Blogger Award
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