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Review: The Girl in the Glass by James Hayman

Title: The Girl in the Glass
Author: James Hayman
Year Published: 2015

Genre: Adult mystery
Pages: 384
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Location (my 2015 Google Reading map)USA (ME)

FTC Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review

Summary (from Amazon):
 Two identical women.
Two identical murders. Two lives brutally cut short. 108 years apart
June 1904. Aimée Garnier Whitby, a beautiful French artist and wife of one of Maine's richest and most powerful men, is found near death on the Whitby family's private summer island, the letter "A" mysteriously carved into her chest.
June 2012. Veronica Aimée Whitby, the eighteen-year-old descendant and virtual double of the first Aimée, becomes the victim of a near perfect copycat murder. With another beautiful, promising young Whitby woman slain, the media begin to swarm and pressure builds for Mike McCabe and Maggie Savage to bring the killer quickly to justice. But the key to solving Aimée's death just might have been buried with her beautiful ancestor.
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Review: I read this book on my iPad, the first book I've read that way in a long time. I always think it's an odd experience because I can't eyeball how far into the book I am. And, no, seeing the percent I've read doesn't count for me. I am so pleased that I was included on this tour because I have discovered a new mystery series that I like!

I was intrigued by the concept of women who are so similar, living generations apart, and meeting similar untimely deaths and the story didn't disappoint. The story pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me interested so much that I read this book in just two days. It drives me crazy when a mystery ends with the murderer someone who didn't even feature in the story so I liked that this one didn't do that. I felt satisfied with the outcome.

The characters in this book are also good. The team of Maggie and McCabe, the detectives, is a good one. They play off one another well and are evenly matched. The Whitbys, the wealthy family, were intriguing and believable as were the other supporting families.

I have found a new author and mystery series to read!

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