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Review: The Sculptor by Scott McCloud

Title: The Scultpor
Author: Scott McCloud
Year Published: 2015

Genre: YA Fiction (graphic novel)
Pages: 488
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Location (my 2015 Google Reading map)USA (NY)

FTC Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my school library

Summary (from the back of the book):
 David is giving his life for his art. Literally. Thanks to a deal with Death, the young sculptor gets his childhood wish: to sculpt anything he can imagine with his bare hands. But now that he has only 200 days to live, deciding what to create i harder than he thought, and discovering the love of his life at the eleventh hour isn't making it any easier. This is a story of desire taken to the edge of reason and beyond; of the frantic, clumsy dance steps of young love; and a gorgeous, street-level portrait of the world's greatest city. It's about the small, warm, human moments of everyday life... and the great surging forces that lie just under the surface.

Review: I knew I would want to read a couple graphic novels this summer and this one just seemed to jump off the library shelves for me. This is a super heavy book physically with 488 thick pages and somehow that seems fitting since it is about a guy who sculpts using granite.

I don't have a lot to say about this book except that I enjoyed it. The concept of giving up one's life (getting to live for only 200 days) so that you can do the thing you have always wanted to do (sculpt anything with one's hands) is so interesting. David can now do the thing that eludes him. But of course, it comes at a price. People in the US will often give up a lot to get that one elusive job and I often wonder if it's worth it.

The graphics are evocative; using only black, white and shades of blue, the author creates intensity for the mood of the people, New York City, and David's art.

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