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Review: Boys Don't Knit (in public) by T.S. Easton

Title: Boys Don't Knit (in public)
Author: T.S. Easton
Year Published: 2013

Genre: YA fiction
Pages: 265
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Location (my 2015 Google Reading map)UK

FTC Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my school's library

Summary (from the inside flap of the book): After an incident regarding a crossing guard and a bottle of Martini Rosso (and his delinquent friends), 17-year-old worrier Ben Fletcher must develop his sense of social alignment, take up a hobby, and do some community service to avoid any further probation. He takes a knitting class (it was that or his father's mechanic class) with the impression that it's taught by the hot teahcer all the boys like. Turns out, it's not. Perfect. Regardless, he sticks with it and comes to discover he's a natural knitter, maybe even great. It also helps ease his anxiety of and worrying. The only challenge now is to keep it hidden from his friends, his crush, and his soccer-obsessed father. What a tangled web Ben has weaved... or knitted.

Review: So. Much. Fun! I am not sure if this book is supposed to appeal to boys or girls, but I think it might be a tough sell to teenage boys. However, I loved it.

This book is funny, serious, heart-warming, and entertaining! Ben Fletcher is such a worrier, but I get it: there's lots going on in his life, he wants things to go more smoothly, and for the most part it isn't. He's a fixer and wants things to be better. Too bad it's all out of his control. He can't stop the local bully, his idiotic friends, or the fact that his dad refuses to see that Ben doesn't care about soccer.

I like the little romance in the book, Ben's struggle with his social life, him getting to know the crossing guard lady, and the knitting. I learned to knit when I lived in Germany as a junior in college. The mom of the family I lived with was shocked that I was 20 and couldn't knit. And now I can thanks to her! It really is a relaxing hobby, which Ben finds out.

I am definitely passing this one on to my daughter for her to read!

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