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Review: Blankets by Craig Thompson

Title: Blankets
Author: Craig Thompson
Year Published: 2003

Genre: Young Adult Non-Fiction (Graphic Novel)
Pages: 582
Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Location (my 2014 Google Reading map)USA (Wisconsin)

FTC Disclosure: I borrowed this book from my school library

Summary (I made this up): Craig Thompson has made himself the main character of this graphic novel, chronicling his adolescent years with flashbacks to his childhood. He shows teenage angst, first love, family struggles, and abuse. 

Review: There is no summary available on this book, in Amazon, etc so I only did a brief one above. This is a wonderful graphic novel and I am so glad I read it while on vacation so that I could do it in only two sittings. 

The story--Craig Thompson does an amazing job of capturing his dedication to and his struggles with his Christian faith, fitting in at school and church camp, finding his first girlfriend, and, most important, finding himself. While the story could be one of despair and heartbreak, the author managed to give the reader (and himself) hope in the moments that really worked for him. Moments with Raina, his girlfriend and her disabled siblings, times in the quiet of the snow, when he is doing his artwork, all of these times balance out the difficult ones. And the blankets. Always significant from sharing a bed with his younger brother to visiting Raina.

The artwork--wow. Thompson's artwork really helped me to feel what the characters were going through. He moves smoothly from soft and curvy to hard and jaggedy, conveying the feelings, the mood, and the action. Here's some examples:

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