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Sunday Salon: January 2013

My life in books: 
Over winter break I brought home three books to read and got through two: Never Fall Down by Patricia McCormick, and Zero by Tom Leveen, both of which I liked. I have also read Colin Fischer by AE Miller and Z Stentz (really liked) and Raylan by Elmore Leonard (just okay). I am almost finished with Children of the Dust by Ali Eteraz (I go in waves with this one).

I am certainly not at my old reading pace, but for now that is okay and it feels good to be at peace with reading less and not feeling like I am in a competition.

What's going on in my life:
I can't believe it's been a month since I posted a Sunday Salon! How is January almost over? Over the past month

  • We celebrated the holidays with family. It really was nice to have my brother and his extended family in town from England. My daughter got to play with cousins, we spent the early part of New Year's Eve on the beach seeing the last sunset of 2012, and I got some nice presies in the process.
  • I got a new personalized license plate
  • I spent time with a number of long-time friends that have come through town. That is always such a pleasure to see people whom I've known for so long. We get right back into the rhythm of our friendships
  • We attended my daughter's first dance competition, which was really fun but exhausting. I am really looking forward to the upcoming competition season
  • And I got a bit of the grunge. I did get a flu shot this year and I think it helped me not get the flu itself. Instead I was in bed with a fever for 3 days and now I have a lingering dry cough. Yuck, but so much better than most people are getting it, I count myself lucky
  • We just redid my daughter's bedroom and are finally getting around to talking about artwork for the walls. She wants photographs so last week we went to the beach at sunset and here are some of the results...

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