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Sunday Salon: December 16, 2012

My life in books: 
I finished Dana Reinhardt's The Things a Brother Knows and it is REALLY good! Now I am reading Ellen Hopkins' Crank, which I have promised myself I would read for few years now. I can see why the students love it (and the rest of her books).

What's going on in my life:
It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas.... We finally got our Christmas tree this week and decorated the house. And yes, my parents, my daughter and I got a little goofy with the apple ornaments! The dog was lucky to escape unscathed.

I am so proud to say that I've finished my shopping and now I just have to wait for the final gift to come in the mail so it can be wrapped. My brother and his family come from London at the end of the week and then the festivities and relaxing can begin!

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