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Sunday Salon: October 21, 2012

What's going on in my life:
I last wrote when my daughter and I were in San Antonio, TX for a dance convention. After posting we learned that she earned a scholarship to attend next year's convention so that was very rewarding for her!

Somehow fall is just cruising right along in Santa Barbara. We've had some really hot weather with winds, a sure sign that fire season is here. And, we had our first fire this past week. Luckily no one was hurt and the only structure burned was an old empty barn. Those of you who live in SoCal know how a town kicks into gear when there is a brush fire! Evacuations, 24-hour news coverage, and it seems to be the only topic of conversation for days. Luckily fire fighters got on this one early and my colleagues' homes were saved!

On the home front we're redoing my daughter's bedroom (it was last done when she was 5 and now she is 12 so the lime green walls are going away). It is both a fun and stressful experience since we're doing some demolition (built-ins and the closet). I put together her night stand and dresser one night and this week the painting will begin. Actually, it got us to go through her clothes and "junk" in her room so that's a good thing. Amazing what you find when you have to pack up an entire room!

Work has been super busy while I run trainings for our staff on how to use their iPads, apps that work well in the classroom, EDU (our new learning management system), and Google Apps. I am enjoying my new position and the challenges it brings each day. This weekend I made my first "how to" videos using Quick Time.

And last, but certainly not least, I spent part of the weekend learning about all the propositions on the California ballot. We have this crazy system in our state where citizens can make law by getting a proposal on the state wide ballot if they have enough signatures. So, we tend to have a bunch of Propositions on our ballots that one has to really research. And, it always feels good to vote!

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