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Sunday Salon: May 6, 2012

What's going on in my personal life:
How are the weeks flying by so quickly? I can't believe it will be summer in just a month! And, there is so much going on between now and then. This past week my MUS moms book group met (and I hadn't read the entire book due to my slump) and we realized that we won't meet for  a few months since summer is right around the corner. I also worked the play at the high school where I work (Kiss Me Kate), which was really fun.

Now, Santa Barbara doesn't have a Target. Did you read that correctly? We. Do. Not. Have. A. Target. I know, right? We have to drive 30 minutes, so to go to Target takes effort and we went on Saturda, which was fun: a little outing. Last night I watched The Iron Lady about Margaret Thatcher (I thought Meryl Streep was fantastic and the movie was okay) and checked out the amazing moon.

What's going on in my library at work:
We've been really busy in the library as the school year comes to a close. Projects are coming to a head, students are rushing to get the final assignments in and the library is humming! One day we had over 100 students in during a period.

What's going on with my reading:
The slump is slipping away very slowly. I am reading Eden's Root, a book I got from the author. I feel so bad that it has taken me forever to read this book, but I am enjoying it and hope to finish it in the next few days. So, the slump isn't over, but there is hope.

The fact that this stack of books keeps staring me in the face is a bit intimidating. The top half are books that either friends or the authors have given me to read and the bottom half is what I bought myself at Costco yesterday. Buying books during a slump? Summer must be getting closer....

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