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Sunday Salon: May 20, 2012

What's going on in my personal life:
This section of the post is going to show you how crazy busy (and daughter-oriented) my month has been so I thought I'd start out with photos from Mother's Day. We ended up on the beach after dinner, which was a fabulous and relaxing way to end the day. We even saw some dolphins, which always makes me feel good.

May is the craziest month, I think it is even more full than December. Work has been really busy (see the section below) and so has our personal time; I feel like I hardly have time to breathe (in fact, I am doing this at 6:00am on a Sunday so that I can fit in the rest of the day!).

This past week was filled with tech rehearsals for my daughter's dance shows so every day we were at the theater after school in full costume and make up. Wednesday she had a photo shoot for a student's photography project, and Friday the actual shows began. Friday had a dress rehearsal and the senior show while Saturday had 2 dress rehearsals and 2 shows! I even volunteered my time, working from 8:00am to 2:00pm on Saturday.

My daughter and I are very on time people. In fact, we're always early. We were so pleased that there were a couple hours between the youth show and her next dress rehearsal so we went home, had snacks and relaxed. Oops, turns out we were an hour late to the last dress rehearsal and she missed 2 of her dances! I have never done that in my entire life. Luckily everyone knows how on time we are and they were worried something bad had happened and they weren't mad at all. My daughter's main show was Saturday night and it went really well, she has improved so much this year and it's really fun to watch her perform!

Now it's Sunday and we're spending our day down in Westlake with a private to prepare for next weekend's competition and a couple master classes. The nice thing is it means I get to read and/or hang out chatting with the other nice moms (we are so NOT "dance moms")

What's going on in my library at work:
In amongst more AP testing (thank goodness that's done since it means the library can be open all the time again) I was doing trainings for our staff so that they learn how to use our new learning management system for next year. I am really looking forward to this new Tech Coach job working for next year so that I can concentrate on being a Teacher Librarian for half the day and then a Tech Coach for half the day instead of trying to do both while being a full-time Teacher Librarian. I really feel like I am cheating the library this spring.

What's going on with my reading:
I read a couple books this week and am finally getting around to reading a book that a friend recommended. It's one of her favorite books so I hope I like it.

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