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Sunday Salon: April 29, 2012

What's going on in my personal life:
I had a nice week with a book group meeting, which is always good for the soul even though I hadn't read the book. I went to the dentist and have no cavities (again, another positive). Yesterday was a fun day with my daughter's school carnival. While she has outgrown doing all the carnival stuff ("oh mom, that was fun when I was little"... remember, she is 11 years old) she performed with her dance group and really enjoyed that. She did a hip hop group number and a hip hop duet with one of her best friends. The two girls choreographed the duet so they had a really great time performing it in front of their friends and school mates.

My daughter is the one that starts out on the left, the shorter one.

After the carnival we went down to Westlake so my daughter could take a technique class. The other moms there are really nice so I have a good time just socializing while my daughter dances.

I also booked tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour in London for this summer!

What's going on in my library at work:
We've now got a mobile iPad cart with 40 iPads on it and we've been checking it out to teachers. The students and teachers are all enjoying using it in the classrooms, but I am finding the organization and upkeep of it to be much more work than I expected (downloading requested apps, cleaning, charging, maintaining, etc). I do think it's a good thing and look forward to the day when all our students have their own iPads (perhaps a pipe dream).

Oh, I was chosen as teacher of the month and I found out I'll be honored this coming week with a PTSA honorary service award, so that feels nice.

What's going on with my reading:
After weeks of reading nothing and feeling very frustrated by it, I finally finished a book! I am hoping that Nina LaCour's The Disenchantments will have broken my slump... only time will tell.

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