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Sunday Salon: April 1, 2012

What's going on in my personal life:
Spring break is coming to an end tonight. Sigh. But, it's been a great week. Unfortunately, my poor dog hurt his back while we were away (he has a bulging disc in his back) so our poor dog sitter has been dealing with that while we're away. I hope he is okay!

We saw the Hunger Games movie, which my daughter and I both really liked.

We were in San Francisco for a few days shopping for a graduation dress (see below) and went to the Japanese Tea Garden, the deYoung museum, we wandered around Haight Ashbury, and more.

We spent two and a bit days in Santa Clara at the Monsters of Hip Hop dance convention. Man oh man, can these people dance! It is so inspiring to see people do what they do well. 

What's going on in my library at work:
No news since we're on break!

What's going on with my reading:
One would think that spring break means lots of reading, but not for me. I tend to have really full days when we're on vacation and I do less reading.

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